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Pediatric Dentistry


t is very important for infants and children to receive dental care in order to prevent future oral health problems in their later ears. It is more difficult to clean children’s teeth, which is why a child’s nutritional health diet is essential in their overall health and development. A healthy diet can prevent tooth decay, which if not treated, can become painful and costly.

Some babies may be born with teeth that develop in the first month, which requires a trip to the dentist to receive oral care. Once seen b the dentist, the dentist will give a thorough examination as well as a good teeth cleaning. By age one, your baby should be seen by a dentist to ensure long-term dental hygiene and to establish a professional dental cleaning plan. Orthodontic care may also be appropriate after the age of seven due to the reposition of the jaw and teeth with the replacement of permanent teeth from baby teeth. Like adults, it is very important to maintain good oral health in order to avoid future problems.