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Wisdom Teeth Removal


dental extraction is the removal of a tooth from the mouth. Some common reasons for extractions are for the removal of wisdom teeth and to make space for orthodontic care.

Extractions can be performed non-surgically or surgically depending on the particular condition of the tooth. A non-surgical extraction uses an elevator and dental forceps to carefully remove the tooth. Anesthesia may be given to relieve the pain. Surgical extractions take place when the tooth is not easily accessible. The tooth could have not fully broken through or it has broken under the gum line. An incision is made to get to the tooth. The tooth may be broken in to pieces to allow the tooth to come out easier. After the extraction a blood clot will form and the healing process will begin over the next couple months. The socket will eventually close overtime.

The extraction relieves one from their current symptoms and may even prevent from any further treatments.